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Classification of patch fuse.

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Patch fuses in small fuse in the industry is relatively high technical content of new varieties, SMD fuse can be divided into one-time patch fuses and SMD since the recovery fuse, one-time patch fuses also called patch current fuse, need to be replaced after protection, since restoring the fuse protection, power can be restored, can repeat use.

The one-time patch current fuse can be divided into the following models according to size and performance:

(1) the products can be divided into: 0402, 0603 and 1206.

(2) the products can be divided into three types: quick melting, slow melting and enhanced melt heat. DaRong patch fuse fast fuse series is suitable for fast reaction in the protection circuit. The slow melting series is suitable for the occasions where the large surge current occurs in the circuit. The enhanced fusion heat series is between the two, with strong resistance to surge and economic situation.

The self-restoring fuse can be classified according to size: 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 2018, 2920, etc.

Patch fuse has high requirements, the main material is semiconductor polymer, ultra-low internal resistance, suitable for overcurrent protection, such as surge, etc. Computer peripheral products, mobile phone and other communication equipment, digital camera, display, battery used. Can use this kind of technology to produce the manufacturer all have certain scale, if huizhou big capacity electron production of the patch fuse etc.


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