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The self recovery fuse in the circuit mainly plays the overcurrent protection, the ordinary fuse is correctly placed in the circuit, when the protected circuit fails, the fault circuit current is too large, the fuse will rise to a certain height and cut off the operation of the circuit current protection circuit in a certain time.

SMD patch self-recovery fuses have the same principle but different styles, from the traditional glass tube fuses to miniature fuses and chip fuses. Due to the differences in product materials, formula technology and production technology, the selection of fuses is often different. The selection of patch fuses involves the following application scenarios: ED drivers, notebook computers, backlight, LCD driver circuits, power tools, electric toys and other electronic products.

Here let Darong technology for you to introduce: "SMD patch self recovery fuse in electric toothbrush overcurrent protection application."

First of all, the electric toothbrush charging circuit part can be designed, using SMD patch self-recovery fuse, to prevent its charging current is too large; For the sake of insurance can also be designed at the same time for battery reflux protection diode, to protect the product to avoid due to the bottom of the wet, and at the bottom of the formation of contact caused by short circuit. Whether it is electric toothbrush, some electric products can also flexibly refer to the "SMD patch self-recovery fuse "on the charging protection design.

In electric toothbrushes in the protection of the whole circuit system, lithium ion battery may produce a long time of large current cause fever even explosion problem, and SMD patch from bet on a recovery fuse in a small motor, such as short circuit current fault state, the ability of rapid protection action, make the product internal mutation to the state of high resistance, low resistance states limit the fault current, When the power is cut off or the discharge is finished, the self-recovery fuse will automatically recover to the state of low resistance, the circuit returns to normal, so that the electric toothbrush can continue to use normally.
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